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  • Can be used in production environment ?

    We are in an early stage, so it is not recomended until we have a release

  • I'm new to blender

    It's a good idea to follow tutorials related to the interface and common procedures in blender

  • Can I get professional help/advice ?

    You can contact us

  • It's a Fork. What does it means ?

    The development is done indpendently from BF blender, so changes and improvements are done with freedom without the need to be accepted by the Blender Foundation. We of course like and agree with the job they are performing but blender is a tool for artists and we would like to have tools focused to CAD and engineering because we think that the combination could be a powerfool software that could match the whole cycle of a product without exporting and using data on 3rd applications.

    We will keep the source regularly updated because we do not want to be a different application.

  • Why are you not developing features with addons ?

    Addons are great to make base software being expanded for 3rd parties. But usually addons are not intuitive and are limited to an API.

    We think that cad tools should be something built-in and not a set of addons done by third parties. Also as more independent addons more probability that one or some of them could be discontinued, and this could be a problem if this a key addon in your workflow.

  • Is fully compatible with BF blender ?

    You could open any .blend file with mechanical-blender and viceversa, but saved data on file may be lost if mblend file is saved with a non mechanical-blender binary.

  • Will be merged with BF blender ?

    This is not on our hands, and this is the main reson for which this project has started.

    All code added can be isolated and separated, but performing a diff to be uploaded for some things afects more than area, and is quite difficult to be accepted.

    if you would like to be included in bf blender feel free to try it! We all love blender!

  • What will happen if a feature (or similar) is included on blender

    We will try to avoid duplicities, so if it fits the feature developed in this fork will be removed

  • I have a crash or something is not working as expected

    You can submit a bug here or in github

  • I have an idea!

    You can submit a feature request ;)


  • Getting the source

    At this moment source is avaliable on github

  • Compiling the source

    Follow instruccions on and compile as usual for your OS defining the compiler flag WITH_MECHANICAL

    The flag can be set using cmake-gui as shown