This is the list of features that have been added to blender, we are working on, or we will wish to get in

This page was part of the works 2.7X BF Blender. It is currently outdated

Already performed

  • No modal transform [+]

    User can move with freedom on the scene wile performing transform operation (rotation, translate, scale).

  • Snap Points [+]

    blendernation post

    Snap points can be used to move items with precision

  • Base Point & Reference points [+]


    BlenderArtist Thread

    Transforms points can be selected during transform

  • Multiple operators on transform [+]

    Multiple data can be created during transform

  • Match tool [+]

    This tool is fundamental to place objects with precision and in a fast way.

  • UCS [+]

    User Coordinates spaces improves current transform orientations allowing to set an origin, and use it for ortho views.

  • Mesh dimensions [+]

    User can set dimensions over mesh between vertices

    At the moment Linear, angle, and diameter dimensions are avaliable.

    Dimensions can be configured to modify the mesh acording automatic constraints, o using selected data always related to it.

  • Mesh Geometry [+]

    Autodetec mesh geometry to be referenced by the user.

  • Reference Mesh Planes[+]

    User can create refence planes, they are not mesh, so they are only intended on desing for reference.

  • Select Order Storage [+]

    This development allows to know the order in wich a selection has been done. It is used on dimensions in order to work in a logic way.

  • Collision-aware Inset [+]

    It applies the patch submited by Howard Trickey in order to get a better inset tool.


  • Solid Mode

    A new 3D view mode similar to editmesh, where object could be modified without having the mesh data in mind.

  • Drawing View

    A new editor to get formal data for drawings

  • Geometric constraint solver

    Be able to set geometric constraints on mesh data